Take the opportunity to experience a relaxed, informative session creating your own unique artwork at my home in Blaby, Leicestershire. Places are available for between one and six students at a time, so you are welcome to bring a friend, (or five!). Dates and times can be flexible, depending upon your requirements. All materials and resources are provided, but with the option for you to bring additional items if you would like to do so.  Also provided are refreshments and homemade cake.


Bowlmaking samples. asstd (800x685)

Delicate paper bowls created in an assortment of papers with inclusions.

Delicate Paper Bowls – Create a cluster of delicate little paper bowls – you can make several different bowls, choosing from a wide selection of coloured, handmade, textured and patterned papers. You will also be shown how to incorporate decorative items such as lace, threads, and spangles to further enhance your work. The larger paper bowls that you could make are suitable for use as LED tea light holders.

            Times: 10am till 4pm – £60 per person


Tins and boxes

Assorted vintage tins

Tiny Treasures Box – inspired by, ‘Miss Clara Knight’s Curious Collections’, you will choose a vintage box or tin, then line and decorate it inside, incorporating your own personal ephemera.  I will provide a selection of tins and boxes for you to choose from, and a whole host of sumptuously decorative goodies to enhance your creation.

Times: 10am – 4pm.  Fee £65 per person.

 For enquiries, or to book, please either reach me using the Contact page, or message me on Instagram or Facebook

Facebook: Joy-Norman-Mixed-Media-Artist

Instagram: joynormanmixedmediaartist


Papermaking with Joy Norman, by Pat Grant.

I had a wondrous afternoon in early March being shown the rudiments of paper-making at Joy Norman’s home.

A warm welcome awaited and Joy had many examples of her art to see. Large sculptural pieces inlaid with small fossil skeletons and hand coloured, were displayed in Joy’s sitting room. In the large kitchen a massive table was laden with sketch -books and lots of threads, paper and stamps for embossing the paper to be made. Joy had previously boiled up some shredded white copier paper and left it to soak over-night. The resultant pulp is blended into a thick porridge -like substance before being dissolved in a large bowl of water.

The fun then began for me once Joy had shown me the method. Using a fine mesh, and lowering it gently into the water the pulped fibres adhere into a sheet. The sheet was blotted and then I had the option to choose from the bits and pieces on the table to embellish, or inlay. I chose a leaf and a butterfly, and once positioned a heavy print roller is pushed over to embellish the paper with an imprint. Next I chose some silk threads and laid these into further piece of paper. The threads were trapped by dipping the mesh into the pulp once again. Joy told me that if backed with light interfacing the paper can be stitched into.

We rounded off a pleasant experience with a light freshly made sponge cake and tea. Marvellous. Those of you who have issue 91 of’ Stitch’ Magazine , can see an article by Joy on the spreading method of paper-making page 34. Pat Grant

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